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The Wine Advocate Vintage Guide

(as of August 2009)

2008 - 1995

Regions 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995
St.Julien/Pauillac/St. Estephe 91E 86E 87E 95T 88T 95T 88T 88R 96T 88R 87T 84R 96T 92T
Margaux 90E 86E 88E 98T 87T 88I 88T 89E 94T 89R 86T 82R 88T 88E
Graves 91E 87E 87E 96T 88T 88I 87T 88R 97T 88R 94T 86R 86E 89E
Pomerol 96E 86I 90T 95T 88E 84E 85E 90E 95T 88R 96T 87R 85E 89E
St. Emilion 92E 86I 88E 99T 88E 90I 87E 90E 96T 88R 96T 86R 87T 88E
Barsac/Sauternes 87E 94T 88E 96T 82E 95E 85E 98T 88E 88E 87E 89E 87E 85E
Cote de Nuits (red) NT NT 88I 98T 83R 93T 93T 86I 84R 92R 84I 89R 89T 90R
Cote de Beaune (red) NT NT 82I 96T 79R 88T 90T 79I 80C 93R 82C 88R 89R 85R
White Burgundy NT 91I 90E 90R 91T 84R 92R 86R 88R 89C 84C 89C 92C 93C
Northern Rhone Cote Rotie/Hermitage NT 89E 92E 89T 85C 96T 78C 89T 87E 95T 90T 90E 86R 90T
Southern Rhone Chateauneuf du Pape NT 98E 90E 95T 90E 90I 58C 96T 98E 90E 98E 82C 82C 90T
Beaujolais 85R 85R 89R 95R 81R 95I 86C 75C 91R 89R 84C 87C 82C 87C
Alsace NT 90R 79I 87R 86E 82R 86R 91R 90R 87R 90R 87R 87R 87R
Loire Valley (white) NT 84I 83E 94E 82C 82R 96R 82C 84R 84R 84C 88C 91R 88C
Champagne NT NT NT NT NT 88I 94T 88R 92R 92R 93R 90I 97T 95T
Italy: Piedmont (Barolo) 93T 92E 93T 93T 96T 90I 76I 96T 95T 95T 92T 93E 97T 87R
Italy: Piedmont (Barbaresco) NT NT 90E 93T 93E 89I 74I 96T 95T 92R 92T 93E 97T 87C
Italy: Piedmont (Barbaresco) NT NT NT NT 95I 89I 77R 95T 89E 95T 88R 95R 88R 93R
Italy: Tuscany (Chianti Classico) 90R 93E 96T 91R 96T 92I 75R 93R 88E 94R 88R 95R 88R 89R
Italy: Tuscany (Maremma) NT 93E 97T 93R 96T 89I 87I 94R 89E 94R 88R 94R 89R 90R
Germany: Mosel-Saar-Ruwer NT 92R 95I 96R 92R 91I 92T 95T 76C 86E 92T 88R 91T 90R
Germany: Rhein (Riesling) NT 92R 86I 93R 93T 89I 91T 95T 69C 87E 93T 87R 91T 86C
Austria (Riesling & Gruner Veltliner) 89I 90R 91I 87I 88I 89I 89T 88I 85C 95R 82C 96R 84C 90I
Vintage Port NT NT NT NT NT 90T NT NV 92T NV NV 89T NV NV
Spain: Rioja NT 89T 85T 92E 95E 87I 76C 94E 86E 86E 82C 86R 85R 90R
Spain: Ribera del Duero NT 90T 88T 93T 95E 88I 78C 95E 87E 88C 88T 86R 92R 90R
Spain: Galicia 90R 89R NT NT NT NT NT NV NT NV NV NT NV NV
Southern Australia: Barossa/McLaren Vale NT 85T 94T 96T 91E 90E 95T 95T 88C 88E 95E 88R 90E 87R
Western Australia NT 86T 89T 91T 88T 89T 90T 90E 88E 89R 90R 87R NT NT
New Zealand NT 91R 90R 85R 83R 78I 87R 76I 81I 80I 90R 86I 89R 84I
Argentina 91T 92T 94T 93T 91T NT NT NV NT NV NV NT NV NV
Chile 90T 88T 89T 90T 89T NT NT NV NT NV NV NT NV NV
California Cabernet Sauvignon NT 96E 91E 95T 91R 92I 95E 96T 78C 88T 85R 94I 90T 94T
California Chardonnay NT 92R 87I 94E 92R 91R 90R 90C 87C 89R 89R 92C 87C 92C
California Zinfandel NT 88R 79I 78I 82I 93R 85R 90R 83C 87R 86C 85E 89C 87R
California Pinot Noir NT 90I 87I 90E 89I 90R 92E 92E 88R 90E 89R 90E 88R 88R
California Central Coast NT 90I 87I 90E 89I 90R 92E 92E 88R 90E 89R 90E NT NT
Oregon: Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 92T 84T 91E 85T 86E 88E 92I 85E 86E 92E 89T 87C 83C 76C
Oregon : Willamette Valley Whites 92R 90R NT NT NV NT NT NV NT NV NV NT NV NV
Washington Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah NT 92T 91T 94T 91T 90T 89T 92T 89R 90T 90T 88T 88T 87R
Rating Ranges:
96 - 100 Extraordinary. 90 - 95 Outstanding. 80 - 89 Above Average to Excellent.
70 - 79 Average. 60 - 69 Below Average. < - 59 Appalling
Maturity :
C = Caution, may be too old; E = Early maturing and accessible; NV = Vintage not declared;
I = Lrregular, even among the best wine; NT = Not yet sufficiently tasted to rate; R = Ready to drink;
T = Still tannic, youthful, or slow to mature

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