Meevasana wine & art gallery is the unique wine shop on Ekkamai Road. It is decorated by dear artworks, so that, our customers can appreciate them when coming to our shop. You will be so impressive choosing & tasting our wine including food eaten with each wine among classic and charming atmosphere that you can not help buying our wine back to your home. In addition, the customers have many privileges to enjoy precious artworks of well-recognized artists in art industry.

     With these reasons, just the beginning of first six months we have the great goodwill and Meevasana is prepared to become expanded another seven branches in the least with more than one hundred million baht of cost next year.

     As a wine importer and exporter, we are determined to import first-class wines from the world over and export ones to the market worldwide under our brand. However, the wines in our shop are selected only the prestige wines of the world by the famous wine experts of Thailand.

     With respect to an export, we are ready to open the market in China where is the most attractive markets in the economic world at present. Our company has cooperated with powerful alliances in China about expanding the market there. We assure you that our business shall blossom rapidly next year and we can be the first-class wine exporter of Thailand and international wine exporter soon.